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Flap discs, Flap wheels, Clean & Strip discs.
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World’s largest independent private label producer.

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We combine our knowledge with your wishes to offer the best private label range.

Quality first

We set the bar high for quality, environmental and safety performance for our products.


Flap discs

Flap discs are grinding discs used for polishing and grinding welds and rough surfaces.

Small flap discs

Small flap discs for polishing and grinding welds and rough surfaces.

Flap wheels

Flap wheels are positioned radially around a shaft and adapt to the contours of the material.

Clean & Strip

Clean & Strip products have an open structure and are ideal for thoroughly cleaning surfaces, e.g., for removing paint or rust.

About the company

A complete private label assortment with the best price-performance ratio

Sundisc Abrasives is an independent private label manufacturer of flap discs, flap wheels and Clean & Strip products. Sundisc Abrasives makes top quality products in various price brackets for clients all over the world. To achieve this, we combine our expertise with the requirements of our clients in order to together achieve the best private label range.

At Sundisc Abrasives, each day we strive to deliver quality products with an outstanding service for the best price.

Your product range with private label

Sundisc Abrasives offers countless possibilities for private label grinding discs

Sundisc Abrasives does not have a standard product range, only private label products that are made to client order. When designing the product, it is possible to choose between various backings, cloth types, grit size, number of flaps, diameter, etc. We provide each disc with your own label. In addition, products can be supplied in nearly all desired forms of packaging, both boxed and shrink wrapped.

The small scale enables Sundisc Abrasives to operate with flexibility, but also very competitively regarding pricing.

We gladly consult closely with you about the various product combinations and your own label. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Excellent quality

Our professionals ensure you get the highest quality

Sundisc Abrasives considers quality control to be of the utmost importance. We consider it important that operations are carried out in a safe and sound manner, with a focus on environmental protection.

Sundisc Abrasives has been ISO 9001 certified (quality management) since 2005. We have also been certified for ISO 14001 (environmental management) and OHSAS 18001 (H&S management) since 2014.

In addition to the ISO certification, Sundisc Abrasives is also a member of oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives). This guarantees our clients that our flap discs meet the strictest safety norms.

About Sundisc Abrasives


World’s largest independent private label producer

In 1996, Sundisc Abrasives began as a manufacturer of flap discs in the Netherlands. Now, decades later, we manufacture all kinds of flap discs, mini flap discs, flap wheels, and Clean & Strip products. We are specialised in the production of entire private label ranges for our clients.

We combine our expertise with the wishes of our clients. As an independent manufacturer, Sundisc Abrasives is not restricted to a single supplier. Therefore, we can produce each flap disc to your wishes.

Our clients include the world’s largest industrial wholesalers, manufacturers of abrasive materials, and power tool companies.

Over the years, we have proven ourselves to be a supplier providing excellent service and with the ability to supply the best value for money. This makes Sundisc Abrasives the world’s largest private label producer, which makes us very proud.

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