Flap discs

Flap discs with your own label

The flap discs are used for deburring, polishing, and grinding welds and rough surfaces. This product is an excellent alternative for the fibre disc or rough grinding disc. The flap disc is more economical, quieter and vibrates less, which makes it more pleasant to work with.  

Sundisc Abrasives has modern production sites where the flap discs are made entirely in-house. The flap disc is made exactly according to your wishes and specifications, including your own label. This makes for a great many possibilities. In order to guarantee the best quality, Sundisc Abrasives collaborates with the best suppliers of abrasive materials and production follows the norms of EN13743, oSa and ANSI.

Different types of sandpaper

Different soil types

Variable number of flaps

Various lengths of flaps

Different grain sizes

Various widths

Different diameters

Various private label options

Many various possibilities

Sundisc Abrasives produces every flap disc to customer order. This enables variations between different types of abrasive cloth, diameter, number/length/width of the abrasive cloth, grit size etc. In this way, Sundisc Abrasives is able to provide a virtually unlimited number of different flap discs.

There are also various packaging options. The discs can be shrink wrapped or not, and there are different packaging units for small or large quantities per box. There are multiple options for labelling packages too.

 Sundisc Abrasives covers the complete trajectory from product composition, production, quality control and ‘private label’ labelling, to packaging and shipping.

About Sundisc Abrasives


World's largest independent private label producer

Sundisc Abrasives manufactures all types of flap discs, mini flap discs, flap wheels, and Clean & Strip products. We are specialised in the production of entire private label ranges for our clients.

 As an independent manufacturer, Sundisc Abrasives is not restricted to a single supplier. Therefore, we can produce any required product according to your wishes. Our clients include the world's largest industrial wholesalers, manufacturers of abrasive materials and power tool companies.

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