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Clean & Strip products

Clean & Strip is specially developed for the surface treatment and cleaning of metal, wood, plastic and stone. The discs are used to clean surfaces, to remove rust, paint and epoxy layers, etc., and to prepare surfaces for painting or other coatings. The open structure of Clean & Strip means that only the uppermost layer of a material is removed. The Clean & Strip discs can be used individually or with more together on a spindle.

Sundisc Abrasives has its own Clean & Strip production site in Malaysia. The Clean & Strip discs are made from polyfibres and impregnated with coarse silicon carbide granules. They are then reinforced with synthetic resin. This combination provides an abrasive material on a very open structure that does not clog up with debris.

Lots of qualities

Different soil or wheel types

Different diameters

Various private label options

Various possibilities

The Clean & Strip products are available from Sundisc Abrasives in many variants: separate discs, but also discs on a backing or on a shaft. There is also a choice between two different qualities and various diameters. Sundisc Abrasives always produces according to client specifications. We are able to supply a complete private label range in consultation with you.

It would seem that there is little difference between the black and blue Clean & Strip, apart from the colour. However, there are actually more differences than meet the eye. The material of the blue Clean & Strip is harder, so that the disc grinds faster and also provides a longer service time for the user. The name ‘Premium Blue’ refers to the high quality of the disc.

Sundisc Abrasives covers the complete trajectory from product composition, production, quality control and ‘private label’ labelling, to packaging and shipping.

About Sundisc Abrasives


World's largest independent private label producer

Sundisc Abrasives manufactures all types of flap discs, mini flap discs, flap wheels, and Clean & Strip products. We are specialised in the production of entire private label ranges for our clients.

 As an independent manufacturer, Sundisc Abrasives is not restricted to a single supplier. Therefore, we can produce any required product according to your wishes. Our clients include the world's largest industrial wholesalers, manufacturers of abrasive materials and power tool companies.

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